I have a 2001 express 3500 that's been turned partially into a camper. Needs some more work for it to be completely homey, but I purchased it with a good start to it. Has 2 2x1ft solar panels on it for the lights, and tv hookups. 2 batteries to store power, 2 beds. Stand up conversion that needs a little sealing finished up. Runs great, but I'm sure it could use a little tune up. 4500$
edit: it's a trailer special f150 it has some rust and dings if any one is interested I can take better pic's. I have know idea what to ask for it so if I'm giving it away give me more lol. 5k is way too much so talk me down but I don't know how many camper special's they made. head gasket went out this was before e-30 or it would probably still be going. 400 engine not original. if I've missed...
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